We’ll finish what we started

So promise me that they’ll fall

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Things that would be nice at 4 am



Long make out session
Back rubs
Deep talks
Forehead kisses
Hearing each other breathe
Holding hands
Laughs and corny jokes

Sleep. Sleep would be nice at 4am.




krewellabelgium I love krewella😍 where is this video from😍👌

It’s from the United Kids of The World music video :)

My girls



Me: I love Krewella

Girl at school: Who is Krewella?

Me: This EDM group I really love

Girl: I don’t know any of their songs

Me: I bet you do *sings Alive*

Girl: OMG I love that song

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(Source: fucksleeves)


A few pics from last night. Still reeling from how freaking amazing porter is live. I saw him at EDC 2 years ago but it’s such a different experience at a smaller more intimate venue. You can really get sucked into the magic he creates. And also at smaller venues you can really get close and see how into the music he is. Like UNFF it was so good. Hopefully I can upload some of the videos I took if tumblr lets me.